HolyVj #Digression no°1

A project of the Munich Biennale and Muffatwerk

music & programming: Charles Sadoul; robotic & visuals: Adelin Schweitzer; curator: Dietmar Lupfer


At the center of the performance is the story of an object: The skateboard George is the lead character in the dramatic course of events. George is trapped in a laboratory. Stirred to life by the memories of his past, he looks for a way out. Now that he has awareness he wants his previous life back, where he fused with his owner into a unit and playfully conquered the city.

This portrayal from the «viewpoint of the object» and the creation of an intimate atmosphere allow the image of a humanity to develop that is permeated by thinking objects. George's fate resembles that of a human. The audience feels a connection to this skateboard, because it humanizes it. Probably because the human hand never becomes visible, the audience can let itself be fascinated by the possibility of a thinking object.

Different narrative ways determine the rhythm of the story: documentary reports, theater with objects, electronic music with a sound composition in real-time, and immersive video projections. The change between direct images (George's eye, laboratory cameras) and documentary sections with film sequences that show George's route creates a dramatic intensity that inexorably leads to the killing of George. The scenography transforms over the course of the story, from the anxiety about being locked inside the laboratory to the freedom of the large municipal spaces George once roamed.

Charles Sadoul composition

Proceeding from new technology discoveries in music and in real-time graphic programs, Charles Sadoul develops hybrid creations that combine electronic music, acoustic signals, interactive installations, and digital set images. He uses new technologies (mapping, tracking, augmented reality, sensors) to create a new context, where we perceive and feel differently, where the audience is integrated and actively participates in what can be seen in the end. Charles Sadoul confronts the challenges digital technologies present and that redefine the relationship between art and technology – by demolishing consisting conventions and leaving behind established patterns of thinking. 

Adelin Schweitzer video

Born in 1978, Adelin Schweitzer lives and works in Marseille. He obtains his diploma (DNSEP) to the College of Art of Aix-en-Provence in 2004 when he discovered artists as Tinguely, Marc Pauline du S.R.L either still Stelarc. Inside the LEOIL, the mecatronics laboratory of the school, he spends a big part of his time to experiment in the field of the new technologies. Since 2014, he takes care of two art group, »deletere« and the »drones bastard group« focusing the field of his researches on the relations man / machine through concepts like disnovation, techno - shamanism and deceleration processes.

Dietmar Lupfer curator

Dietmar Lupfer conceives and curates art projects in public spaces and designs media art spaces. Works by him are the EU project »crash test dummy« or »urban mutations« - multimedia social sculptures which connect architecture, performing arts and media art together. The concept of its mobile studios »cocobello« was presented at the 9th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice. Together with Ulf Langheinrich he designed a »hemispehre« for the exhibition »From Spark to Pixel« at Berlin's Martin-Gropius-Bau.

Cast & credits

music & programming: Charles Sadoul

robotic & visuals: Adelin Schweitzer

curator: Dietmar Lupfer

duration: 60 minutes

A project of the Munich Biennale and Muffatwerk

production: deletere
co production: ZINC, AADN, Dispositif SCAN Rhône-Alpes, Muffatwerk and Munich Biennale


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