A production of the Munich Biennale

concept, direction: Mirko Borscht; video & concept: Hannes Hesse; stage design: Christian Beck;

It’s well-known that a road movie is a film during which the characters in the movie journey over long distances, usually in cars, sometimes on motorcycles, rarely on trains or on foot – but always on the search for something promising that (in the best case) can be achieved only by being on the road and which leads them to locations that frequently seem, in their foreignness and surrealism, to be closer to the travelers than the starting point of their journey. For the Munich Biennale the director Mirko Borscht invites the audience to search for these locations with him and his ensemble: one hundred and twenty minutes »on the road« in a motorized hybrid, surrounded by audio and image tracks, dubbing voices, original and divergent soundtracks, as well as unexpected changes in the program, stopovers, changes in direction, and maybe even arriving somewhere. The title of »ANTICLOCK (original version with subtitles)« refers to a 1979 fantasy feature film, considered by Claude Chabrol as a »masterpiece of futuristic cinema« (and thus refers to the original work this Biennale project is based on). It starts daily at 8:00 p.m. at its own public transportation stop, especially constructed for this and located overlooking the festival center.

Mirko Borscht director

Mirko Borscht was born in 1971 in Cottbus, Germany. He initially worked in Berlin as an assistant director and assistant cameraman. After working on two theater projects as co-director he directed in 1992 his first short film »Mäuseboxen« (»Mice Boxing«), which was followed by his second short film »Bastard!«. His work as a film and theater director has been marked essentially by collaborations with young adult amateur performers. In 2005 he directed his first feature-length film »Kombat Sechzehn« (»Combat Sixteen«), and in 2007 he directed the theater piece »Opferpopp«, which he developed for Thalia Theater Halle. In 2008 »Opferpopp« received the Hans Götzelmann Award, and in 2009 the project was awarded the »BKM – Prize for Education in Culture« by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in association with the Genshagen Foundation. He directed the pieces »Sweet Dreams« and »Day of the Oprichnik« (based on the novel by Wladimir Sorokin) at Centraltheater Leipzig. He worked on a version of the work »komA« by Georg Staudacher and Volker Schmidt for Junge Schauspiel Hannover in 2010, and he staged it at Tellkampfschule Hannover with 19 youths, two teachers, and two professional actors. After »Unfun« by Matias Faldbakken Borscht directed »Deutschland tanzt nicht« (»Germany doesn't dance«) at Centraltheater/Skala Leipzig, where it celebrated its premiere and opened the 2010/2011 season. There followed »Kristus - Monster of Münster« for Junge Schauspiel Hannover, and in 2012 a production of Simon Stephen's »Harper Regan« at Thalia Theater in Halle. Since the 2012/2013 season Mirko Borscht has been a theater director at Schauspiel and actively working with young actors at Theater Bremen; he directed Lars von Trier's »Europa«, and he developed with young adults a project about the right-wing radical Odfried Hepp under the title »Larger than life«, as well as directing the world premiere performance of Elfriede Jelinek's »Tod-krank.Doc» (»Deathly ill.Doc.«). There followed »Die Schutzbefohlenen« (»The Wards«) by Jelinek, as well as »Verbrennungen« (»Burns«) by Wajdi Mouawad. Borscht directed at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin, among other works, »Woyzeck III«, based on the play by Georg Büchner.

Christian Beck stage design

Der Bühnen- und Kostümbildner Christian Beck wurde 1965 in Jena geboren und studierte Bühnenbild an der Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee. Er war Mitbegründer und Ausstattungsleiter am Theaterhaus Jena sowie Ausstattungsleiter am staatlichen Puppentheater Dresden und Thalia Theater Halle. Als freier Bühnen- und Kostümbildner arbeitete er unter anderem mit den Regisseuren Carlos Medina, Andreas Kriegenburg, Armin Petras und Annegret Hahn an der Volksbühne Berlin, am Schauspiel Leipzig, dem Theater der jungen Generation Dresden und dem Theater Mühlheim an der Ruhr. Mit dem Regisseur Enrique Vargas und dem Teatro de los Sentidos verbindet ihn eine langjährige Zusammenarbeit in Bogotá, Ljubljana, London, Aarhus, Modena und Barcelona. Für Mirko Borschts Inszenierungen entwarf er bereits mehrfach die Bühne, darunter für die Produktionen »Opferpopp«, »Sweet Dreams«, »Kristus – Monsters of Münster« und »Harper Regan« am Thalia Theater Halle, dem Centraltheater Leipzig und dem Schauspiel Hannover, sowie für Mirko Borschts Inszenierungen »Europa« und »Tod-krank.Doc« am Theater Bremen.

Hannes Hesse video

Hannes Hesse ist Videokünstler aus Halle an der Saale und studiert Medienkunst an der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. Seit 2006 ist er an verschiedenen Theatern aktiv gewesen. U.a. für Mirko Borscht entwarf und entwirft er seit mehreren Jahren Videoinstallationen: z.B. für »Sweet Dreams«, »Der Tag des Opritschniks«, »Harper Regan« und »Die Welt ohne uns IV« am Centraltheater Leipzig, dem Thalia Theater Halle und dem Schauspiel Hannover. Als VJ arbeitet Hannes Hesse mit diversen Acts und Clubs aus der elektronischen Musikszene zusammen und entwickelt für sie Video- und Lichtkonzepte.

Cast & credits

concept, direction: Mirko Borscht

video & concept: Hannes Hesse

stage design: Christian Beck

participants: Susanne Meyer, Alexander Kluth, Carlo Størup, Jørgen Callesen, Christian van Schijndel

Tickets: available only at the Festival Office Ludwigstraße 8 / 3rd floor and at the meeting point

production: A production of the Munich Biennale


Susanne Meyer Performer

Susanne Meyer, born 1959, lives in Hamburg and worked as a business manager. When she was 48 she had the first contact with theatre and decided to study acting. Since then she has played in several off-productions and at local theatres, among others Theater Bremen. There she occurred in Christiane Pohle`s “Pomp and Circumstances” and particularly worked with director Mirko Borscht: She played in his “Young players”-production “Larger than Life”, in Borscht`s first performance of Elfriede Jelinek's play “Tod-krank.Doc” and in his staging of Jelinek's “Die Schutzbefohlenen”. Susanne Meyer can actually be seen in the second repertory season of “Die Schutzbefohlenen”.

Jørgen Callesen Performer

Jørgen Callesen (*1966, Hjørring, Denmark) holds a Ph.D. in Information & Media Studies from Aarhus University and has worked with digital media and performance art for more than 20 years. As a practicing artist he has created performances, lectures and installations which often include digital, interactive and generative media. His work frequently has a queer perspective which question norms and aesthetics regarding gender and identity and the representation of the body. The pieces have been presented in different formats and venues ranging from art academies, galleries, theater festivals, TV interviews and site specific events all over Europe.

In both solo works and collaborative productions he is an imaginative physical artist developing subtle and engaging characters. He studied puppetry at The Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art, Berlin, Germany and image work with Kitt Johnson, X-act, Copenhagen, DK. Jørgen Callesen lives in Copenhagen where he works as the artistic director of the live art venue Warehouse9 established in 2007.

Carlo Størup Performer

Carlo Størup is a synaesthetic composer and synecdoche experimentalist examining existence with a meta methodological approach. Applying various phenomenology characters for different spaces, testing the receptiveness limits of perceiving. Currently writing the scores for cybernetic bio techno cyber Baroque trans humanist projects, in some kind of expanded opera form, with a focus on the human relationship to technology, and art.

Christian Van Schijndel Performer

Christian Van Schijndel (1972 Knutsford England) is a performance artist, singer and costume designer. He studied at the Camberwell College of Arts and at Middlesex University – Fashion & Textile – in London. As a cabaret performer he has developed a unique style in burlesque, new cabaret and performance that articulates gender, class and identity in an aesthetic, challenging and humorous way. Since 2005 he has appeared in Denmark and international events including New Avenu Theatre, Bellevue Theater, Roskilde Festival, The Danish Design Institute and the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (London). Christian Van Schijndel is also the curator and producer of performance theater Warehouse9 where he introduced the “burlesque genre” in Denmark as an art form with the sold-out New Festival in 2010 and 2011, which received nationwide media attention. He has appeared in several TV and radio programs. Christian van Schijndel lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he has been working at Warehouse9 as stage and event manager since its establishment in 2007.

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