a production of the Munich Biennale

idea, concept and visual realisation: Judith Egger; composition and sound concept: Neele Hülcker;

Hundun* lived his flawless and eternal life at the center of the world. He received regular visits from the master of the South Sea, Shu, and the master of the North Sea, Hu. As he was always a gracious and hospitable host to them they decided to do something kind for him in return. They said to one another: »Every human has seven orifices – to see, hear, eat, and breathe. But the great Hundun doesn't have one single orifice, and therefore we want to give him some.«

Hundun accepted this suggestion with enthusiasm. And so they drilled an orifice in him one day after another. But on the seventh day, when they finished drilling the seventh orifice, Hundun died.

Is the large, misshapen body that is now dangling on thick cords from the ceiling in semi-darkness the mortal remains of the great ruler Hundun? Sparsely lighted in a secret laboratory situation, two persons meticulously run their hands over him and examine him: Neele Hülcker explores the surfaces and the orifices with extremely sensitive microphones, setting out on an acoustic journey of discovery. Judith Egger works in a similar fashion, scanning and screening the exterior and interior of the body with different imaging processes, and in doing so she immerses herself in an entirely new visual world. A synthetic dialogue develops where completely new associations open up.

*Hundun 混沌 (in classical texts 渾沌, also 渾敦), represents in Chinese mythology the concept of primeval formlessness and the condition of paradisiacal inseparableness before the beginning of the world.



Neele Hülcker Composition and Sound Concept

Born in 1987 in Hamburg, she studied composition under Dieter Mack and Harald Muenz in Lübeck; under Tapio Nevanlinna in Helsinki; and under Franz Martin Olbrisch and Manos Tsangaris in Dresden. She has received numerous awards for her works in the areas of sound art, music theater, performance, and instrumental and electronic music. Her works were performed at, among other places, the Wittener Tagen für neue Kammermusik; Blurred Edges Festival Hamburg; and Klangwerkstatt Berlin. She has collaborated with, among others, Ensemble Garage; Ensemble Radar; Ensemble ascolta; Eva Zöllner; and Frauke Aulbert.



Judith Egger idea and concept, visual realization

This wood sculptress and communication designer (born in 1973) deals in her works with processes of growth and development, and with the transformation of matter and energy. In her work she moves within the borderlands of visual art, installation, and performance. In addition to numerous awards and grants, in 2000 she received a grant for one year from DAAD London, and in 2011 she received a working scholarship from the German Federal Cultural Foundation. In 2012 she received The City of Munich's music scholarship.



Cast & credits

idea, concept and visual realisation: Judith Egger

composition and sound concept: Neele Hülcker

production of the Munich Biennale

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