Pub — Reklamen (Advertisement)

A production of the Munich Biennale, in cooperation with Gare du Nord, Basel

Composition: Georges Aperghis; vocal artist: Donatienne Michel-Dansac;

In our everyday lives we are surrounded by images and sounds, by advertisements that encourage us to fulfill our desire to be happy or enjoy more comfort, and that at the same time, however, awaken desires in us we weren’t even consciously aware of. A different product is advertised with every advertisement (toothpaste, vitamins, drinks, shampoo, etc.).

In these pieces the contents of the individual advertisements are meant to be transported through a special vocal processing, which creates a tension between the advertisement texts and the playback of the music.

Georges Aperghis composition

Born in 1945 in Athens, Aperghis grew up as the son of the sculptor Achille Aperghis and the painter Irène Aperghis. He is for the most part a self-taught painter and composer. In 1963 he moved to Paris. He has been influenced musically by composers such as Pierre Schaeffer; Pierre Henry; Iannis Xenakis; John Cage; and Mauricio Kagel. In 1971 »La Tragique histoire du nécromancien Hieronimoet et de son miroir« appeared, his first music theater work, and he became the highest profile representative of music theater in France. In 1976 he founded the theater group Atelier Théâtre et Musique (ATEM) in Bagnolet (which has been at Théâtre des Amandiers in Nanterre since 1991). The group performed more than twenty pieces there before disbanding, including »La bouteille à la mer« (1976); »Conversations« (1985); »Énumérations« (1988); »Jojo« (1990); »H« (1992); »Sextuor« (1993); and »Commentaires« (1996).

Donatienne Michel-Dansac vocal artist

She started studying music (violin and piano) at Conservatoire National de Région in Nantes when she was seven years old. She became a member of the children's choir at the opera house in Nantes when she was eleven. In 1985 she was accepted to the voice class at the conservatory in Paris. Thanks to her close collaboration with IRCAM (since 1993) she has performed the world premieres of numerous works by, among others, Philippe Manoury; Pascal Dusapin; Luca Francesconi; Georges Aperghis; Fausto Romitelli; and Philippe Leroux.

Cast & credits

Composition: Georges Aperghis

vocal artist: Donatienne Michel-Dansac

duration: 30 minutes

language: French

A production of the Munich Biennale, in cooperation with Gare du Nord, Basel

With the support of Pro Helvetia, swiss arts council

Pro Helvetia Gare du Nord

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